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  • SKU:ECKO1210

    Welding Dromex DV-GW5 Welding Goggles

    Welding R28.86 - R28.86 excl. VATR33.19 - R33.19 incl. VAT
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  • Glove Dromex GGOAT Goatskin Full Grain Driver - VIP Tig & Welders - Shirred - Keystone


    Gloves Dromex DG-GOAT-A Premium Goatskin Leather Gloves

    Gloves R32.84 - R39.41 excl. VATR37.77 - R45.32 incl. VAT
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  • SKU:ECKO090503

    Welding GNRC Leather Spat Ankle Chrome Grey

    Welding R53.53 incl. VATR46.55 excl. VAT
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  • SKU:ECKO09D007

    Welding Dromex ACE SPAT ACE Leather Ankle Spat With HDP Buckles

    Welding R44.10 incl. VATR38.35 excl. VAT
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  • SKU:ECKO203P

    Gloves Dromex DG-TIG Premium Pig Leather

    Gloves R39.52 - R56.13 excl. VATR45.45 - R64.55 incl. VAT
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  • SKU:ECKO420806

    Dromex DW-D59FASCN-SM Flame Acid Skull Cap with Neck Protection Navy Blue

    Flame & Acid R94.52 incl. VATR82.19 excl. VAT
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  • SKU:ECKO090506

    Welding GNRC Leather Spat Knee Chrome Grey

    Welding R99.42 incl. VATR86.45 excl. VAT
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  • SKU:ECKO090102

    Welding Dromex ACE ONE 60×90 Leather Apron 60X90 ACE One Grey

    Welding R130.30 incl. VATR113.30 excl. VAT
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