Safety Boot Bova 42003 Firewalk 300 Degrees Black


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Categories Eskom Approved
FIREWALK42003RECOMMENDED ENVIRONMENT: This boot has been engineered to provide the wearer with protection in environments where extreme heat and the risk of electrical shock is present Anti-shock Safety BootSizes4 -13ColourBlackSexMaleUPPER: • Cut from 2.0mm - 2.2mm Full Grain Lunar Buffalo Sides• Padded collar and padded ½ bellows tongue from a soft Bovine Leather split• 4 pair eyelet lace-up and hooks with corrosion-resistant gunmetal coating• Braided lace from polyester yarn and central core for additional strengthLINING: • The quarter lining is from an industrial quality Ferrabelle non-woven material • The vamp lining is from a hi-tech needle-fibre blend with excellent perspiration absorbency and treated with Ultra-Fresh to impart hygienic and anti-bacterial properties to the materialIN-SOCK & • The in-sock is from a non-woven material laminated to Kevlar to protect the foot from heat transference through TOP SOCK: the sole of the boot• The Energiser top sock is from a combination of polyester and wool, with excellent perspiration absorbency • The top sock has been treated with Ultra-Fresh to impart hygienic and anti-bacterial properties to the materialSOLE: • The sole is from double density PU/Rubber • The midsole is from a low density flexible Polyurethane with a shore hardness of 0.45mm - 0.5mm• The outer sole is from 8mm rubber • The boot soles have been subjected to a voltage of 20kV ac rms for 60 seconds, with specific reference to paragraph 5 of the Eskom specifications 34-232 - no break-down occurred• A shank reinforcement is molded into the midsole for additional arch support • The boot can withstand temperatures up to 300 ̊C• The boot is non-conductive• If required, the boot can be manufactured with an anti-penetration-resistant midsoleTOE CAP: • Steel toe cap • Can withstand an impact load of 200 joulesThe Firewalk boot has been tested to comply with SANS/ISO 20345 specification and carries the SANS/ISO 20345 certified mark. This product is manufactured at an ISO 9001:2000 accredited factory.ELECTRICALRESISTANCETO 20KV FOR60 SECONDS (ESKOM SPEC 34-232)
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