Boiler Suit Dromex DW-D59FA Sasol Spec D59 Flame & Acid Navy Blue


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FLAME & ACID D59 BOILERSUITThis garment consists of the following: • Collared boilersuit with button closure and internal hanger loop.• High visibility flame retardant reflective tape on arms and legs for enhanced visibility when working in poor lighting environments.• Concealed 2-way chunky zip with concealed plastic press stud closure (above zip).• 2 Open waist pockets, 1 open rear pocket and 2 breast pockets with V flap concealed plastic press stud closures.• A tool pocket on the right leg.• Inner elasticated waist for optimum fit and flexibility.• Elasticated sleeve cuffs prevent the risk of loose clothing caught in machinery.• Seams are triple needled with top stitching for added durability. • Flame retardant and acid resistant embroidery on arm and leg for garment identification.• A high visibility Dromex sidewinder label.This garment is suitable for use in general work environments such as engineering, smelting operations, mining, construction, oil and gas, petroleum, maintenance, repairs and welding industries.Special InstructionsNone of the materials or processes used in the manufacture of these products are known to be harmful to the wearer.The manufacturer has examined under the system for ensuring quality of production by means of monitoring and inspection. These flame and acid garments are designed to accommodate the basic safety requirements and standards for Personal Protective Equipment. The information contained herein is intended to assist the wearer in the selection of personal protective equipment. Actual conditions of use cannot be directly simulated in a test environment therefore it is the responsibility of the end user and not the manufacturer or supplier to determine the garment suitability for the intended use.Flame and acid protective garments should be thoroughly inspected before use to ensure no damage is present.SpecificationsStyle: Navy blue, boilersuit with high visibility reflective tape on arms and legs.Fabric composition: 100% Cotton.Mass: 320gsm.Reflective: 50mm Silver flame retardant tape.Additional: Also available in a 2 piece pants and jacket style, Dromex part number DW-D59FADescription Dromex® D59 flame and acid boilersuit is designed to protect the user from the hazards of accidental flame contact and acid splashes, reducing injury and loss of life when working in hazardous environments.The Dromex DW-D59FA boilersuit is approved to the latest SANS 434 specification and has the SABS permit marking.The D59 drill fabric construction is heavy duty and durable, whilst the flame acid garment treatment technology resists the effects of flame contact and acid corrosion offering the user offer much-needed protection in the workplace.The 100% cotton satin weave finish, natural fibre construction makes this garment comfortable and breathable.Compliance & Conformity• Garments comply to the latest SANS 434 standard (This standard specifies requirements for the material, cut, make and trim of boiler- suits, two-piece workwear suits, bib and brace overalls, coats and unlined jackets).This standard makes reference to the following relevant standards:SANS 1362 Sewing threads.SANS 1387-4 Part 4: Cotton jean and drill fabrics.SANS 1387-10 Part 10: Pocketing.SANS 1822 Slide fasteners.SANS 5278 Sewing stitches per unit length.SANS 10235 Fibre-content labelling of textiles and textile products.SANS 50471 High-visibility warning clothing for professional use.• The fabric is to SANS 1387-4 for D59 drill fabric, 4/1 satin weave @270gsm, 37 thread per cm weft and 19 threads per cm warp. The breaking strength is 940 N warp and 510 N weft.• Flame retardant fabric is tested to SANS 1423-1 for textile fabrics of low flammability for apparel: Class B Category 1: The fabric ignites within a given time period and might continue to flame but at a rate of flame propagation that is within a specified limit. Surface Flash None. Ignition time (seconds) _ 20 sec. Rate of flame propagation 5 mm/s. ** Note this is a test situation for the fabric and does not cancel or imply otherwise to the labels wash instruction.• Flame retardant silver retro-reflective tape is tested to SANS 50471:2006 (EN 471:2003 + A1:2008) and SANS 1423-1:2008 for textile fabrics of low flammability for apparel:High visibility warning protective clothing capable of signalling the users presence visually, intended to provide conspicuity of the user in hazardous situations under any light conditions by day and under illumination by vehicle headlights in the dark. Performance require- ments are included for retro reflection and not for the entire garment.• Acid resistant fabric is tested to ISO 6530:2005 for protection against liquid chemicals:Two levels of the potential performance are assessed by this method of testing to meet with possible requirements for protection against:a) Deposition on the surface of a material at minimal pressure, of spray droplets up to coalescence or occasional small drips.b) Contamination by a single low-volume splash or low-pressure jet allowing sufficient time to divest the clothing or take other action as necessary to eliminate any hazard to the wearer from chemical retained by the protective garment, or in circumstances where pressure is applied to liquid contaminants on the surface of the clothing material, as a result of natural of the wearer (flexing of contaminated areas of clothing at arms, knees, shoulders) and contact with contaminated surfaces (e.g. walking through sprayed foliage). This is used internationally to produce a wash fast flame retardant finish that lasts at least 50 washes.Acid resistant garments when wetted with an acid and is allowed to dry or stand in it's wetted state for a long period will destroy the fabric and holes will become visible as after each wash the holes would fray wider. • Should acids wet the garment, it should be washed and neutralised as soon as practically possible. • The chemical used in the acid finish is a Fluorocarbon and is permanent therefore should not lose its effect after 50 washes.Sizes Available28-64DisposalAll industrial waste should be disposed of correctly according to local regulations and good disposal practice. Workwear should be disposed of considering the hazardous substances they were used for as well as the material they are made up of. Please consider recycling.WarmWash 30CDo not useBleachCool IronDry CleanablePDo nottumble dry90mm60mmWarm WashCool IronDo notBleachDo not tumble dryDry Cleanable30CPDW-D59FAD59 100% COTTONFLAME & ACID RESISTANTD59 FLAMMABILITYD59 ACID RESISTANTSANS 434CLASS B CATEGORY 1HNO3-NITRIC ACID 65%HCI-HYDROCHLORIC ACID 32%H2SO4-SULPHURIC ACID 24%NaOH-SODIUMHYDROXIDE 40%CLASS C CATEGORY 3MADE IN SOUTH AFRICA30mm25mmCHEST: 38 / 97WAIST: 34 / 8775mm35mm90mm30mmD59FLAMMABILITYCLASS BCATEGORY 1D59ACIDHN03-NITRIC ACID 65%HCI-HYDROCHLORICACID 32%H SO - SULPHURIC ACID 24%NaOH-SODIUMHYDROXIDE 40%CLASS CCATEGORY 3MADE INSOUTH AFRICAY. O. M. 201835mm40mmS10014D59FLAME / ACID201835mm30mmMarkingDROMEX EMBROIDERY FR & RESISTANT Position: Position:Boilersuit-Neck (inside) Boilersuit-Right armSIZE INFORMATION LABEL Position: Position: Boilersuit-Neck Boilersuit-Neck PRODUCT STANDARD PRODUCT & YOM LABEL SANS 1387-4, SANS 1423-1,Position:SANS 434 ISO6530: 2005 Boilersuit-Neck SIDEWINDER Position:Boilersuit-Top pocket Acid resistance for protective clothing against liquid chemicals for performance requirements for chemical protective clothing offering limited protective performance against liquid chemicals. The acid resistant finish is primarily a liquid proof coating that is not destroyed by the action of acids or other chemicals. It doesn’t allow the cloth to be wetted by the acids and is therefore “acid resistant”: The test chemicals are:• Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) 32%• Sulphuric Acid (H₂SO₄) 24%• Nitric Acid (HNO₃) 65%• Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) 40%CLASS C CATEGORY 3 There is no SANS specification for Acid Resistance therefore alternate testing is done in the absence of a national standard. The tests are done to the ISO 6530:2005 and the chemical selection and concentration to the withdrawn DIN 32763 standard.Packaging, Storage & ObsolescenceDW-D59FA-O: Sizes 28 - 48 are packed in individual polybags and sold as 15 units.Sizes 50 - 64 are packed in individual polybags and sold as 10 units.Should there be visible damage such as tears or burn holes, it is recommended to replace the garment immediately.Cleaning & Maintenance• The following suggestions will help keep your garment safe and neat:• D59 garments can be cleaned by home cleaning or commercial laundering provided all the recommended conditions and setting are adhered to.• Should home procedures not remove contaminants, then dry cleaning is recommended. • Our recommended cleaning for these garments is as follows:• Flame Retardant garments should not be washed with personal non-flame retardant clothing to avoid contamination by flammable materials.- Pre-treat greasy stains and wash the garment in warm water with a light cleaning solvent.- Do not use Hypochlorite bleach or detergents containing Hypochlorite bleach. - Chlorine bleach may cause fading and reduce fabric strength.- Do not overload home laundry equipment.- Do not tumble dry garments.- Thoroughly rinse the garment to remove any wetting agents.- Do not hang in direct sun.- Sunlight can cause fading and reduce fabric strength.- Iron the garment to enhance and re-generate the finish effect.- When using commercial laundry aids, be sure to read and carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions.• Note:The flame retardant finish is a permanent finish applied to the cotton fabric which reacts with the cotton fibre to produce a permanent covalent bond. 184 170 182 33 52 59 114 80 54 18 71179 165 177 33 52 59 114 80 54 18 69.5174 160 172 32 52 58 113 80 54 18 68169 155 167 32 52 58 113 80 54 18 66164 150 162 31 52 58 113 80 54 17 64159 159 145 157 52 58 112 80 53 17 62154 140 152 31 52 57 112 80 53 17 60149 135 147 30 51 57 111 80 52 16 58144 130 142 30 51 57 111 80 52 16 56139 125 137 30 51 57 111 81 51 16 54134 120 132 29 51 56 111 81 51 15 52124 110 122 29 50 54 111 82 50 15 48 107129 115 127 29 50 55 111 82 50 15 48 119 105 117 28 50 53 110 82 49 14 46114 100 112 28 50 52 110 82 49 14 44109 95 107 28 48 51 108 81 48 14 42104 90 102 27 46 50 106 80 48 13 4099 85 97 27 44 49 104 79 47 13 3894 80 92 27 42 48 102 78 47 13 367782879297102112117122127132137142147152BackWidthShortSleeveSet-in sleeves andraglan sleeevesLongSleeveOutsideLegInsideLegBackNeckto WasitPlain &Runched Cuff(Extended)BottomsSeatWaist(Extended)ChestLength ofCircumference ofNominal measurements of finished garment (cm)Sizedesignation157167162
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